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opopona dada shot iredanu ẹrọ

Kukuru Apejuwe:

O ti wa ni o dara fun, irin, nipon to si idapọmọra surface.top fẹlẹfẹlẹ, gẹgẹ bi awọn, kun ati iposii. markings & roba lati opopona, runways, ise ipakà ati siwaju sii. skid resistance lori roboto bi sidewalks, keke ototo, ona ati runways. ina opitika ati aesthetics ipa lori roboto bi ona, opopona ati runways.

  • Ipese Agbara: 300 tosaaju fun odun
  • Min.Order opoiye: 1set
  • Ifijiṣẹ Port: Qingdao ibudo, China
  • Akoko Ifijiṣẹ: Laarin 30working ọjọ
  • Ibi ti Oti: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Owo ofin: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • ọja Apejuwe

    ọja Tags

    Road / nja / pakà shot iredanu ẹrọ

    I. Machine Description
    The street cleaning equipment is an environmental-friendly product specifically developed

    for construction and maintenance of various kinds of roads. 

    Road,floor shot blasting machine is designed for the construction of various road  construction and 

    maintenance and development of environmentally friendly products, in the course of construction operations 

    can be clean, no pollution,pill material can be automatically recycled. The device can be use for: oncrete Bridge 

    Deck Water fight hair,clean-up and hit the asphalt pavement hair,in order to increase surface roughness;roads,

    tunnels andbridges restore skid resistance;asphalt pavement weeping clean-up, marking line cleanup; Steel anticorrosion coating surface treatment;airport road in 

    addition to plastic and in addition lines.

    concrete shot blasting machine structure drawingconcrete surface shot blasting machine cleaning efficiency
    II. Applied range of shot blasting machine
    1.Industrial floor coating and processing

    2.Mark line processing

    3.The airport line cleaning

    4.Steel plate and steel structure surface clean treatment and rust remove

    5.Concrete bridge surface treatment

    6.Road surface anti-skid treatment, bleeding treatment

    7.The airfield runway plastic remove, surface friction coefficient and texture restoration

    8.Bridge nursing

    9.The highway project conservation

    10.The hull surface maintenance rust removing

    11.floor engineering base surface treatment

    12.municipal road works in conservation

    13.zebra stripe cleaning

    14.storage tanks conservation remove rust and paint

    15.conservation of other surface treatments

    concrete surface shot blasting machine (22)concrete surface shot blasting machine (23)concrete surface shot blasting machine (24)
    III. Technical Parameter

    awoṣe YDP11 YDP12
    Walking speed 0-1.8km/hr 0-1.8km/hr
    Climbing ability 30 o 25o
    Width of blasting area 350mm 600mm
    Working capacity 150 m2/hr 350 m2/hr
    Main motor power 7.5 KW 7.5KW x 2
    Walking motor power 0.55 KW 0.55 KW
    Air volume of dust collection 2300 m3/hr 3000 m3/hr
    Air pressure of dust collection 1500 Pa 1400 Pa

    blast wheel spare parts (5)concrete shot blasting machine spare partsElectric control system

    IV. Other introduction

    Road surface conditions generally and skid resistance in particular are now in the forefront of all highway authority engineers and highway maintenance contractors. The original characteristics of the roads, such as the skid resistance, inevitably decrease because of the traffic and the ageing roads. The traffic levels, the speed, the weather conditions, the properties of the aggregates… also participate in reducing the skid resistance of the roads

    That’s why roads & highways must be maintained in order to keep an appropriate grip level because there is a heightened international interest in the relationship between skid resistance and accident levels and a commitment to reduce all road accidents, especially fatalities

    Shot blasting is a purely mechanical technique that immediately regenerates both micro (space between the aggregates particles: allows to increase the skid resistance of the surface) & macro textures (average depth of the spaces between the aggregate particles: allows the water to drain away from the surface and greatly contributes to skid resistance in wet conditions).

    By shot blasting roads, it’s possible to get the original skid resistance level (if it’s not better) of the surface. It avoids having slippery roads during hard weather conditions and increases the safety of the drivers.

     Ti o ba ti awọn ẹrọ jẹ ko dara fun nyin workpiece, jọwọ sọ fun wa awọn wọnyi infromation:    

    1) Irú workpiece yoo ti o nu?   

    2) Iwọn workpieces (ipari, iwọn ati ki o iga ti o pọju workpiece, Ipari, iwọn ati ki o iga ti kere workpiece?)    

    3) Bawo ni ọpọlọpọ awọn àdánù ti o pọju ati ki o kere workpiece?  

    4) Jowo so fun wa rẹ ibeere ninu ṣiṣe?    

    Ni ibamu si rẹ Infomation, ti o dara julọ ero yoo wa ni apẹrẹ fun nyin workpieces. 

    floor surface shot blasting machine (20)floor surface shot blasting machine (21)floor surface shot blasting machine (22)floor surface shot blasting machine (23)


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