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QD376 Double hook type shot blasting machine

Short Description:

The shot blasting machine is a specially designed machine for customer widely used in the surface cleaning for different type of wheels, rims, casting pieces, tanks, wheels, forged parts, hubs, cylinders, pump casing, motor casing, etc.  

  • Supply Ability: 300 sets per year
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1set
  • Delivery Port: Qingdao port, China
  • Delivery time: Within 30working days
  • Place of origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    QD376 Double hook type shot blasting machine

    Technical Parameter





     1 Workpiece size   Size(Dia×H):φ600×1100mmWeight:≤600 kg
     2 Clean Standard   GB8923-88 A-B Sa2 1/2
     3 Blast wheel 2 Model:QD034zzAbrasive throw:2×120 kg/minSpeed:76m/sPower:2×7.5 kW
     4 Steel shot   F0.3~F0.6(Cast or alloy steel shot)
     5 Abrasive throw   ~1.5 t
     6 Bucket elevator 1 Lifting amount:15 t/hPower: 1.5 kW
     7 Screw conveyor 1 Capacity:15 t/hPower:  2.2 kW
     8 Abrasive control system 2 set Pneumatic type
     9 Hook mechanic 2 Motor power:0.4 kwMove speed:20 m/minLifting motor power:2×1.5kw
     10 Rotation device 1 Speed:2.8 r/minPower:0.75KW
     11 Dust collector  1 Air volume:4000 m³/hDMC30
     12 Dust exhaust concentration   ≤90 mg/m3
     13 Machine Noise   ≤90dB
     14 Total power   23kW

    1 Application

    The shot blasting machine is a specially designed machine for customer widely used in the surface cleaning for different type of wheels, rims, casting pieces, tanks, wheels, forged parts, hubs, cylinders, pump casing, motor casing, etc.  

    2. Components and function

    QD376 shot blasting machine consists hanger hook, blasting cabinet, blast wheel assembly unit, abrasive reclaim system, dust collector, and electric control system.

    2.1 Hanger hook system(Electric hoist type)

    ● Loading capacity is 600kg/hook

    ● 2 hooks

    hanger hook (3)

    2.2 Blasting chamber

    The layout arrangement of blast wheels is 3D simulated by patent software to get an ideal blasting effect. The arrangement makes the blast wheels throw abrasive crosswise, which means the abrasive throwing direction has a 90 degree angle with steel part moving direction.

    2.2.1 Protective liner

    ● Material: Manganese (Rolled Mn13)

    ● Installation use block building system, easy to replace and maintain.

     protective linner (4)

    2.2.2 Blast wheels

    This machine has 2 sets of high speed & performance blast wheels (WHEELABRATER technology). One blast wheel has eight blades. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to replace 8 pieces of blades. Material of blades, control cage, impeller is high chrome alloy, which has long service life. Generally speaking, lifetime of blade is over 400 hours, and lifetime of impeller and control cage is over 600 hours. Limit switch is used on the blast wheel to avoid hurting people. When the cover of wheel is open, the limit switch guarantees the machine cannot be started.

     Blast wheel (3)

    2.3 Abrasive Reclaim System

    The system includes following parts: hopper, abrasive flow pipe, abrasive valves, screw conveyors, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive blowing system and abrasive feeder. And each part has an interlock.

    2.3.1 Screw Conveyor

    Screw conveyor consists of cycloidal needle wheel decelerator, screw axis, conveyor shell, bearing, etc. It is a standard transverse conveying device, an important part of abrasive circulating system. The screwing blade is made of 16Mn.

    screw conveyor (3)  

    2.3.2 Bucket Elevator

    Bucket elevator consists of cycloidal needle wheel decelerator, upper and bottom barrel, belt, hopper and tensioning device, etc.

    The shell is folded and welded structure and its side face is checking door for maintenance and replacing hoppers. There are movable doors on front and side face of bottom shell to repair bottom drive and to get rid of abrasive block.

    When operating, the bucket fixed on the belt catches up and conveys the abrasive to the top of elevator, and then put it down into the separator using centrifugal force.

     bucket elevator (3)

    2.3.3 Separator

    This machine uses simple hanging type separator which is connected to the elevator. It is made together with the elevator.

    Separator  (3)

    2.4 Dust collection system

    The dust collection system consists of dust settling chamber, cyclone dust collector and bag type dust collector. The emission standard can be lower 100mg/m3.

    2.4.1 Ducting system. Material is usually mild steel such as Q235.

    2.4.2 Dust settling chamber: It is the fist step of dust collecting.

    2.4.3 Dust collector(pulse jet bag type)

    It is the final dust collecting system after dust settling. Stable and easy operation, low noise, high efficiency, easy maintenance. Blowing rate is6,200 m3 /h.

     dust collector (3)

    2.5 Electric control system

    Popular PLC Brand. Omron/Siemens/Schneider available if needed.

     electric system (4)


     If the machine is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us the following information:    

    1)     What kind of workpiece will you clean?   


    2)    The size of workpieces(length, width and height of maximum  workpiece,Length, width and      height of minimum workpiece?)    


    3)     How many  the weight of maximum and minimum workpiece?  


    4)     Please tell us your requirement cleaning efficiency?    


    According to your infomation, the most suitable machines will be designed for your workpieces.


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