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Q265 shot blast booth with dust extraction and shot recovery system

Short Description:

Shot blast booth applies to middle and small size of blasting room to do pretreatment jobs such as rough, casting, welding, heating, steel structure, container, transformer shell, special parts and so on.

  • Supply Ability: 300 sets per year
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1set
  • Delivery Port: Qingdao port, China
  • Delivery time: Within 30working days
  • Place of origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Detail

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    Q265 shot blast booth

    with dust extraction and shot recovery system

    The sand blasting room is a kind of nonstandard machine equipment and widely used in the surface cleaning and rust removal for different type of semi-finished products, castings, weldments, heat-treated parts, steel structural components, modular containers, transformer casing, irregular parts, etc.
    The main composition is as follow, sand blasting cabinet, sand blasting machine, elevator, separator, scraper conveyor, screw conveyor, abrasive control system, illuminating system, dust collector, electric control system etc.

    The equipment function and working principle

    Hanging the workpieces into to the flatcar, the door open, flatcar carry the workpieces into the blasting chamber —- dust collector open —- separator open —- bucket elevator open —- transversal screw open —- horizontal scraper open —- sand blasting pot open —- manual operation to sand blasting the workpiece, after cleaning up and checking the efficiency is qualified,  open the door, flatcar carrying workpiece out of blasting chamber.

    Technical Parameter

    No. Item QTY/Note Technical Parameter/Note
    1 Sand Blasting Room Outline Size (L*W*H) 8000*5000*4000mm
    2 Cleaning efficiency   GB8923-88A-B  Sa2-2.5
    3 Abrasive Size   Ø 0.8~1.2mm
    4 Sand Blasting efficiency   2*(15-18)m2/h
    5 Abrasive Consumption Rate   140g/m2


    Sand Blasting System 


    1 Type Q0250-II-LX
    Spray Gun QTY 2pcs
    Sand blasting pot 1set
    Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
    Air consumption 2*6.1m3/min
    Spray Capacity 2*(1800-2200)kg/h


    Elevator 1 Capacity:15t/h


    Seperator 1 Capacity:15t/h
    Wind Speed:4-5m/s
    9 Longitudinal Scraper conveyer 4 Convey capacity:15t/h  
    Air consumption: 2.0 m3/min
    10 Transversal Screw conveyor 1 Convey capacity:15t/h  
    Power: 2.2KW
    11 Manual type trolley 2 Loading capacity: 1ton
    12 Dedusting System Dust Collector Type Filter cartridge type
    Dedusting air Valume 21000m3/h
    Filter Cartridge(Pcs) 30Pcs
    Compressed Air requirement 1.0 m3/min
    Fan Power 2*11KW
    13 Lightproof Lamp 8 300LUX
    14 Abrasive initial filling   5000kg
    15 Noise   ≤90dB, According with GB3.96-93

    《City Area environment nosie standard》

    16 Total Power   About 26.9kw (it don’t include air compressor motor power)
    17 Compressed air consumption   About 14.2 m3/min(User-supply)
    18 Exhaust emmission   30mg/ m3   GB16297-1996


    Q265 shot blast booth (1)


    Q265 shot blast booth (2)


    Q265 shot blast booth (4)


    Q265 shot blast booth (8)


    Q265 shot blast booth (9)

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