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What types of items can be powder coated?

What types of items can be powder coated?

Powder coatings are now used on hundreds of parts and products, with ongoing technological breakthroughs expanding the list every
day. The appliance industry is a major user as well as the automotive industry using powders on wheels, bumpers, hubcaps, door handles, iron gates, decorative trims and accent parts, radiators, and numerous engine parts.
Farmers have powder coated tractors and farm equipment. Fitness buffs use golf clubs and golf carts, ski poles, snowmobiles,
bicycles, motorcycles, and exercise equipment that are powder coated and many other items to much to list.

Powder Coating Unlimited help customers with many different types of aluminum surfaces, ranging from small articles to large vehicle components; from both interior and exterior architectural parts to special assemblies for the aviation and aerospace industry. They manufacture a selection of cleaners, desmutters, etchants and sealants. These products result in higher quality, improved consistency, and substantial cost savings. Wherever the surface should be cleaned, deoxidized, protected from corrosion and prepared in an optimal way for a finish coating, HST offer the ideal process. Each is designed to provide superior performance in accelerated testing, such as salt fog exposure on unpainted surfaces in the aerospace industry and filiform testing for manufacturers of aluminum wheels.
Prior to coating or anodizing, the surface of an aluminum part has to be cleaned of grease and oil, pigment, polishing and grinding pastes as well as oxides. Powder Coating Unlimited offers a full range of water-borne cleaning products for these purposes and they can be used depending upon the specific requirements (material, degree of soiling, intended application).

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Post time: Jul-28-2020
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