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Vacuum Casting molding line advantages and more details

Vacuum Casting molding line advantages and more details

Vacuum Casting Advantages
There are several advantages of using the method of vacuum casting. These include:

1. Fine Detail of Parts
Vacuum casting allows for fine detail and high precision of the parts. The quality of the silicone mold makes it entirely possible to create parts that are almost identical to the original model, even those with more complicated geometries. As a result, you’ll obtain quality completely comparable to the final part.

2. Quality of Parts
Likewise, the quality of the part will be high. Using resins allows us to choose a material extremely close to the correct material with a huge choice of hardness whether it be flexible or more rigid. The part can be colored with your choice of shade, or alternatively, it can have crystal-like transparency. There’s also the possibility of adding painted finishes.

Another advantage is that the use of the vacuum machine makes it possible to remove air from the material. This, in turn, prevents the formation of air bubbles that would make the parts weak or fragile.

3. Prices and Deadlines of Receiving Parts
In a rush to receive your parts? The process of vacuum molding only takes between seven to ten days to receive 30 to 50 functional prototype parts.

This makes vacuum molding an attractive method for those who often require parts urgently.


Vacuum Casting more details?
If you’re new to vacuum molding and casting, we hope you now understand the process. Although the method requires a small investment due to the need to have an original model and to create a silicone model, it’s sure to be an investment worth making.

This is due to the fact that vacuum casting allows for fine detail and high quality of parts created in the process. Not to mention the fact that the procedure is hugely cost effective when it comes to numbers of parts created.

Post time: Aug-11-2020
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