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Shot blasting aluminium parts in industry

Shot blasting aluminium parts in industry

Qingdao Antai machines for blasting aluminium can help you save money in the context of current industry pressures.

As the demand for lightweight components increases and the environmental impact and consumption of resources must be constantly reduced, requirements are ever changing for the surface preparation of die-cast and aluminium parts.

Qingdao Antai shot blasting machines are efficient, reliable and resource saving, and comply with the stringent expectations of aluminium smelters worldwide. The machines are specifically designed for surface treatment and deburring of aluminium parts.

Depending on your application and requirements, standard design or special custom-designed machines are available. Our experts are happy to advise you in detail and work with you to find the suitable solution for your operation and your requirements.

Our latest aluminium technologies
Spinner-Hanger shot blast machine:
Slimmer, more powerful, designed for aluminium
spinner-hanger wheel blast concept excels at descaling, deburring/deflashing and cleaning of a variety of aluminium parts.

Key benefits at a glance:

High flexibility and reliability
Minimal stray abrasive
Low maintenance cost

376 378 3710 吊钩 (12)

Wire mesh Belt shot blast machine:
Light and flexible
The Mesh Belt machine offers high flexibility and process reliability for light to medium applications from rust and heat scale removal through to surface finishing. This model is particularly designed for the processing of aluminium parts.

Key benefits at a glance:

• High flexibility and process reliability
• Easy integration into existing production lines
• Ergonomic loading height

mesh blast machine (2) mesh blast machine (12)

Post time: Sep-02-2020
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