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Qingdao Antai participated in the 18th China International Foundry Expo

Qingdao Antai participated in the 18th China International Foundry Expo

The 18th China International Foundry Expo and the 14th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition were successfully held from August 18 to August 20, 2020 at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. This three-day exhibition is hosted by China Foundry Association, undertaken by the Cultural Media Department of China Foundry Association, and co-organized by International Exchange and Exhibition Department of China Foundry Association.


The foundry industry is the basic industry of the manufacturing industry and an indispensable basic industry for modern manufacturing. It is the basic guarantee for the innovative development of many mainframe products and high-end technical equipment, especially the modern automobile industry, machinery and equipment, aerospace, rail transit, shipbuilding and other industries, occupying a pivotal position in the development of the national economy.


At the moment of the epidemic, the economies of various countries around the world have been hit hard, and it has also had a major impact on the normal operation of my country’s economy and society, and brought unprecedented impact to the development of the machinery industry. Under the guidance of the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social order restoration policies, all industries have resumed work and production, and the machinery industry has also accelerated the pace of resumption of work and production. Since the third quarter, normal production and operation order has basically been restored.

The successful holding of this casting expo also responds to the theme of the 2020 China Die Casting Innovation and Development Forum and Joint Annual Conference, “Nurturing new opportunities in the crisis, opening a new game in the changing situation”, injecting the steady development of China’s foundry industry forward Confidence and strength.

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Post time: Aug-24-2020
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